Saturday, September 17, 2005


Hitting the Ground Running

Well I'm in San Francisco now. I made it here safely. It's been less than a day and I'm already worn out. The flight arrived a half hour late, landing at 1pm, and I had a presentation to give at 2pm. So I took a taxi right from the airport to the Moscone Center, where I was speaking. I was to give a lecture about the MWRUG (Midwest Regional Users Group - a group of PeopleSoft & JD Edwards users). Of course there was no computer for my
PowerPoint presentation
and the MWRUG brochures had not been delivered, so I just winged it. I was dripping sweat from all the running around, but being rushed probably kept me from having time to be get nervous. In the end, I think the presentation went pretty well. Fortunately, there were only a dozen people in attendance as the conference doesn't officially start until tomorrow. The weekend was dedicated to special Oracle training classes and user groups.

Before heading to SF, I had gone online and purchased tickets to see Alcatraz. The last boat available left at 4pm. So with my presentation over, I ran with my bags five blocks to the hotel, got checked in, dropped the bags in the room, and ran to catch a cable car to the pier. Needless to say, by the time the cable car reached the end of the line, I was running for the boat. Luckily, I just barely made it and enjoyed a really neat audio tour of the prison. What I wasn't prepared for was the walk from the prison dock to the prison itself. While a gradual incline, they say it is the equivalent of a thirteen story climb. Follow that with an hour walking tour and another walk back down to the boat. I must have lost five pounds today. Tomorrow is the Open World’s official opening and then the work really begins.

Alcatraz and the SF skyline:

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