Friday, September 16, 2005


Packed with Anticipation

Tomorrow I leave for Oracle Open World 2005. It’s been a few years since I last attended PeopleSoft Connect. That was long before Oracle bought out PeopleSoft. This will be the first combined conference. These conferences are a great opportunity to learn, share, and network. Every morning starts with a keynote speaker (usually a CEO from a major vendor) followed by a full day of learning sessions, and ending with a reception to meet with other users and vendors.
The biggest thing we’ll all probably be listening for is what Oracle has planned for PeopleSoft users. Personally, I also want to learn more about what to expect with PeopleSoft version 8.9, especially including possible enhancements to self service and portal. I’m bringing my digital camera, so hopefully I’ll have some good snapshots that I can immediately upload with these posts.

Editor's Note: Any similarities between real persons or events and those menrtioned in this blog are purely coincidental. Many of the pictures and links provided are courtesy of Oracle.

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