Saturday, November 12, 2005


OW Postscript

Well my flight back home was anything but uneventful, but that's a story for another blog. (Or you could just rent the movies "Airplane!" and "Lost in Translation" to get a feel for the situation. Maybe I'll call the blog "Lost in Transportation".) It turned out this blog did turn into something used both at work and for the RUG. So personal stories would be, well, too personal for here. And if you know me, well I won't even swear that the main character here is me.

The MWRUG recently had a very successful conference in Chicago. It was held in combination with Oracle and the OAUG and saw nearly 1,000 attendees. Oracle speakers there expanded on what was said at Open World and other speakers gave some interesting insights into PeopleSoft, JDE, and Oracle aplications. If you want to see copies of those presentations go to

If you enjoyed reading this blog, please leave a comment or some feedback. If you were there in SF, please say hello and feel free to email me some of those many pictures you were taking. If PG rated, and with your permission, I might even post some of them here. Plus with a little encouragement I might just keep this blog going for next year's Open World.

Sincerely, M.W.Rugger

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